I’m a health care professional.

Your goal is to improve your patients’ health.

The METHOD test can help health care providers across a wide array of specialties – from orthopedics to physical therapy, behavioral health and beyond – to identify a unique path to wellness for each patient. Method is the tool that brings exercise into the fabric of a patient’s personal care plan and links the medical continuum from episodic care to individualized medicine.

You and your patient will monitor progress and make adjustments in real time. It’s a smarter, more personalized approach to health and wellness.

Our success is measured by helping you achieve the triple aim in health care. Here’s how:


METHOD improves clinical outcomes through individualized care.


METHOD increases patient satisfaction when patients know their treatment is based on their specific cellular composition.


METHOD helps contain costs by eliminating guesses and duplication of services for patient needs.

Health Care Specialties


METHOD provides the tools for orthopedic practices and patients to make substantial strides in post-operative recovery, pre-surgical weight loss, joint stability and parameters for return-to-play and workers compensation.

Primary Care

In primary care settings METHOD can be fully integrated into a patient’s personal care plan. This may include a clinician prescribing exercise as medicine using the METHOD program to help a patient lose weight, managing a chronic condition like diabetes, improving their overall fitness and metabolic health and much more.

Sports Medicine

Sports medicine professionals use METHOD as a tool to help prescribe exercise to treat sports injuries and conditions to get athletes back on the field after injury and at optimal metabolic health, so they can perform at their highest level.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists can use METHOD to identify the metabolic threshold a patient needs to maintain for a more efficient recovery and less pain during treatment.

Behavioral Health

METHOD identifies and prescribes exercise to heal the mental and metabolic gap that forms from chemical imbalances, addiction, depression, anxiety and shame to heal the body and mind in healthy motivational ways.


Metabolic health is the key to safe and sustainable weight loss. METHOD identifies each person’s individual metabolic fingerprint and prescribes a regimen tailored to their body’s needs.

Learn more about how METHOD can be applied to health care specialities like these and many more by contacting sales@themethoddifference.com.

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