Nick is a nationally renowned Exercise Physiologist and has built multiple programs for a wide range of populations that are currently running in sites across the US. For over 11 years Nick has worked with athletes, general wellness, and patient populations directing exercise physiology laboratories and strength programs. In his career he has worked with 6 professional sports teams/organizations from NHL to NFL, 8 different Men’s and Women’s Division I NCAA Teams, 5 Division I national tournament level teams, 4 conference champion teams, 5 podium Olympians, and 5 World Champions.  Nick himself was also a collegiate and professional athlete as well.

Beyond athletics, Nick has worked in both the private sector and clinical settings to design exercise programs that can be brought to the market and expanded to fit across demographics.  He has been part of startups and bricks and mortar site consulting to bring cutting edge science to the masses.  Nick specializes in exercise prescription, team sports and anaerobic performance output- but is also educated in dietetics, sports medicine and business.  His philosophy lies in complete individualization of all exercise protocols and focuses on each person’s unique metabolism, movements and motivation.


  • Chief Science Officer- METHOD
  • Faculty in the Department of Family Medicine, School of Medicine, University of Colorado
  • Director of Exercise-Medicine Integration
    • Program design and prescription in:
      • Athletics
      • Performance
      • Weight Loss
      • Behavioral Health
      • Addiction Treatment
      • Primary Care
      • Oncology
      • Sports Medicine- Return to Play, Pre-hab
      • Obesity/Diabetes Prevention
    • Advisor- Scientific Board, Board of Directors
      • Multiple companies and affiliates