METHOD identifies your Individual Metabolic Fingerprint, putting you on your path to better health and fitness.

METHOD pinpoints your prime metabolic zone.

It’s where your body maximizes the amount of oxygen intake, which allows for maximum performance and fat burning.

METHOD has three simple components:


How does the METHOD test work?

One of our certified specialists will conduct the test.

You will typically spend 15-20 minutes exercising on a modality of your choice from weightlifting, to sit-to-stand, to a walk or jog on a treadmill.

Our specialist will study your body’s unique responses to exercise and have your test results immediately – setting you on a personalized path to better health and fitness.



We call your test results your Individual Metabolic Fingerprint.

It is the heart-rate range in which your body is working most efficiently during exercise. You will use a heart-rate monitor when you exercise so that you know when it is time to rest and when to keep going.

Then you use our app on your smart phone to track your personalized exercise regimen. You’re now on your own path to a better, stronger, healthier you.

Based on your results, a certified specialist prescribes an exercise regimen specific to your goals.

One of our certified specialists walks you through an exercise plan, and the METHOD app collects data along the way. We’ll give you recommendations on the type of exercise, number of reps, when to rest and when to start again. You will track metrics in real time and make adjustments along the way.